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Every child, every family, every teacher, every activity plays an integral role in the health and happiness of our school environment and community.  

Playpourri Teachers adjust and tailor lessons to help our students investigate, enquire, explore and discover learning experiences that support their intellectual and social growth. 

We often refer to our classrooms as Mini United Nations.  We embrace the opportunity to discuss and learn about our friends from all over the world and be mindful of individual respect and diversity.

Daily interaction and connection with parents is valued and encouraged.  An open dialogue with our families ensures our program is understood, clearly communicated and supported by all parties.

Raising a family in Japan, without extended family support, is challenging.  Playpourri was established with the intent of helping families care for and educate their children.   With this in mind, our program has multiple options for parents to work within their parenting ideals, goals and budgets.  

We invite you to visit our school for a more in-depth explanation and observation of our classrooms.  

Appointments can be made by contact.  

Health & Safety

School during Covid-19 is a worrying time for parents, teachers and administrators.  Playpourri's COVID-19 Action Plan includes the following; 

General Operational Guidelines

Distanced Arrival Procedure.

Multiple Temperature Checks. 

Hand Sanitization upon entering school, during school and when leaving school.

Regular Hand Washing Opportunities.

Children 3yrs + wear masks or shields.

No masks allowed while doing PE or physical exertion.

Paper Hand Towels.

Individual cutlery, drink bottles and snack boxes.

Room Shoes.

Room Cleanliness Guidelines

All items touched throughout the day are sanitized daily.

Chairs and large furniture items are moved outside after class for UV exposure with disinfectant.

All floors are moped with disinfectant.

Jiia Water diffused through the classrooms daily.

Doors and Windows opened as often as safely possible.

Hepa Room Air Cleaner in operation in Infant Room.

UV Light Sanitizers are in use after all staff leave premises and rooms aired afterwards.

Attendance Guidelines

Only children who are 100% healthy are allowed to attend school during these times.  

Shuttle Guidelines

Children who have access to transport to school are requested to travel individually with a guardian.  If a child does not have access to private transport, they will be granted use on the school shuttle until such times as CV-19 restrictions are relaxed. 

Current qualifications are;

1: Mother is pregnant or has a child under 2 in her care at home or has a critical illness.  

2: Father is not at home.

3: Does not have access to a Car. 

The shuttle will be sanitized daily.

Jiia Water diffused daily. 

Staff Health Guidelines

In accordance with Japanese Law, all Playpourri Staff have yearly physicals.  

Child Health Guidelines

Children have 2 health checks each year to maintain and monitor healthy growth and development.  

Child Screening Guidelines

All children entering PPI must submit a recent health check and participate in regular 6 monthly development screening through our In-School Screening Program.   All forms will be provide once admission is confirmed.