Playpourri Infant Toddler Program provides educational services and family support for children, 2 months to three years of age.

PPI Infant・Toddler Program

Who do you trust to leave your child in the care of?

Qualifies for Government Subsidy for Parents ✔︎

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Qualified, Experienced Staff ✔︎

Government Registered ✔︎

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Family Support ✔︎

Shuttle Service* ✔︎

Lunch Service* ✔︎

Flexibility ✔︎

Playpourri Infant Toddler Program provides care and educational services as well as family support for children, 2 months to three years of age.

Flexibility: Parents can choose between 3 sessions, 1-5 days per week and an option of 3 different payment plans.  

Parenting and Guidance: Qualified, experienced teachers and caregivers work with parents to ensure each child is cared for in accordance with their individual development and growth.  Daily "At Home / School" online communication ensures parents are very involved with school life. 


Support: Morning (7:00-9:00am) and After School Care (15:00-19:00pm) available.  Extra Care Service (spot care during regular school hours) also available. *Conditions Apply


Supplies: Provided School Supplies (Hat, Sheet, Blanket, Laundry Bag, Cot, Communication Folder) Online Parent Platform with Shuttle Tracker for Home-School Communication. 

School Uniform: Playpouri Onesie / T-Shirt and Backback for school items. 

School Lunch: From 12 months of age, children start using our school lunch system.  (Religious and Allergy Issues may be except with official documentation.  

Shuttle Support: From 12 months of age, children in our 9:00-15:00 program may avail the use of the FREE Playpourri Shuttle Service.  *Conditions Apply.   

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