Lending Libary 

Our Lending Library is open to all members of our community for private use.  We welcome our local expat, homeschooling and Japanese families to join in our effort to promote literacy and establish great reading habits that will last a lifetime.  

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Language Lab - Intensive English (Ages 3+)

Tuesday / Thursday  

Focus on Improving English Literacy through developmentally appropriate activities designed specifically to benefit both first and second language learners.  Playpourri uses award winning programs from the USA and UK to bring a balanced program of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  

Hip Hop 


2 Groups: (Ages 2-6)  (Ages 6+)


Fun Physical Dance Class taught by New York Trained Dance Instructor.  

Art Masters 


2 Groups: (Ages 2-6)  (Ages 6+)


Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists.  Children will learn about the great masters, learn their techniques and be inspired to create their own works of art.  

Capoeira - Possibly Coming Soon in Sept, 2019. 


2 Groups: (Ages 2-6)  (Ages 6+)


Fun Physical Self Defence Class for Children.



2 Groups: (Ages 2-6)  (Ages 6+)


Taught by trained, qualified & licensed coach.  

Cheer Dance 


2 Groups: (Ages 2-6)  (Ages 6+)


Fun Physical Dance Class focusing on stamina, endurance and skill.  No pyramids or layering involved.  

Japanese Kids Kotoba Fun (Ages 2-6)



Your child will learn functional Japanese for daily life through songs, games, arts and crafts.

Saturday School  - Closed for 2019 School Year

9:30-12:30 (Ages 2 & Up) 


Saturday School is perfect for those families who have their children in Japanese Educational Settings.  Our 3 hour subject based courses allow the children to use their learned language in functional settings and situations.  This course is popular with our preschool graduates and families wanting their children to learn subjects using English as a tool.  

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