10 Family Friendly Summer Locations in Aichi, Mie, and Gifu.

Be sure to check websites for operating times and Covid Policies.

Sunbeach Nikkogawa - A great location with Awesome Swimming Zone for Little Ones.

Kira Waikiki Beach - A nice beach location with amenities. Great for a drive and walk or swim.

Noma Lighthouse (one of Ms. Rowena's Happy Places)

Especially nice if you include breakfast or lunch at Noa Noa Cafe opposite the lighthouse. (Cash Only Cafe)

Gamagori Orange Park - Official Homepage

Extra Info in English - Aichi Now Information

Morikoro Expo Park - Usually facilities are closed on Mondays but this website says they are open on Mondays during Summer. Ice-Skating, Swimming Pool and when my kids were little, they loved the rock pool area.

Iwayado Park - Perfect outdoor space and lovely water play area for kiddies.


Suzuka Circuit Amusement Park - Great for those little ones who like theme parks and race-track feel.

Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum - Kakamigahara has so many great parks and open spaces for the kids to play.

Odaka Green Park - OMG! Dinosaur Slides. Children's Go-Carts. Ponds. Playgrounds. There is so much to this park that you need to check the map first.


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