Flowers & Butterflies in our Garden

It was our first day back at our school location. We still have smaller groups and are spacing the children out as much as possible. It always amazes me how resilient and flexible children are. They go with the flow (at least in school) and accept the new systems as the new normal. We are using sanitizer before we enter school, after we wash our hands, before we play with toys, after we play with toys, when we touch anything - we wipe down with alcohol wipes immediately and OMG, it takes nearly a whole pack of wipes to wipe down the buggies each time. Shoes off here, shoes on there. Please remember if you can touch your friends then you are too close. And it goes on ..... BUT ..... we are all so happy to be together but not close. :)

The one thin that all of the children in my group commented on was that their room shoes are too small. In the time that we have been zooming, they've all grown out of their room shoes. It was so funny. "Ms. Rowena! My shoes are too small!" To which, I replied, "That means you've grown so much in just 3 months!"

We had a relaxed, low key type of day. Some of the activities that we did today are shown below. The children loved the garden, number, sorting and alphabet activities but their favorite was the flower growing pretend play. Interestingly, so many of the children went through the motions of planting a pretend seed, watering the ground, and adding parts of the flowers and watering again, until finally their flowers had fully grown. It was the most popular activity of the day for sure.

We ended our day with some art. Art is a great way for the children to express their emotions and creativity. Today, our art incorporated science and the children included parts of plant growth in their drawings as well as mini beasts that we observed on our nature walks. Some didn't finish and will get a chance to do that next week.

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