Football Fun


There was a lovely breeze on the rooftop today. Coach W started with warm ups, then hand-eye coordination and stopping skills with the ball.

Next he set up courses for the children including goal kicking practice and ball handling.


Water Break!

Lots of rest periods to rehydrate. TIP: Freeze water in bottles. As they melt during the class, the children get cold water to cool down their throat but also use as an ice pack to cool little faces.


Cool Down

A very important part of our lesson.


Next Week: Last Class of Term 1 & Parent Observation Day.



What to Bring:

Breathable Hat

Water Bottle (1 or 2)


Soccer Ball


What to Wear:

PPI T-Shirt

Running Shoes

Shin Pads (Optional)


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Link - Approved PPI HAT for School as well as Soccer (Optional)

*Must be Aqua in Color

Perfect for use at school and home, especially during the summer months.

A cap or other sun protection is absolutely fine as well for soccer. Keep in mind the children get very hot and sweaty. The needs to be able to offer protection and breathe as well.


Link - Drink Bottles - Great Quality.

Easy to Use. Check them out on Amazon.

*Great for Keeping Drinks Hot or Cold and Extremely Durable for all those time little kids drop their bottles.

Even comes in a cool soccer design as well.


Link - Sports Cool Towels

Great Quality. Easy to Use. Check them out on Amazon.

(Also Available at DAISO 😉)

*Set of 4 for the whole family. These are awesome to help cool down.

Parent Hack: Wet face clothes, squeeze excess water, fold and put into ziplock. Seal the bag and freeze. Perfect for hot soccer days.


Disclaimer: We are independently sharing our thoughts on this product and are not a sponsor...YET! 😄

We earn a small commission from recommending products that we believe are worth your time, effort and money for your children through our Affiliate Program with Amazon.


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