Forest Friends Are BACK!!!!

Updated: Jun 2

What a nice way to start June. We grabbed our masks, face shields, backpacks and headed off for a morning in Satoyama Nature Reserve. Coach Waka met us there and we had a great time finding all the mini beasts, arachnids, gastropods and birds that we have been studying online for the past 2 months.

The children did so well in taking care and leaving the habitat untouched for the bees and other insects that call this area their home. The children were blown away at how many bees they could see. At first they only noticed one or two but as their eyes focused they realised there were so many gathering pollen and nectar.

We learnt that our face shields are going to be great when we are indoors. We learnt that masks are fine for when we are outside investigating all the little creatures. We learnt that no matter how many times we encourage the kids to keep space, kids will naturally gravitate towards one another, especially when someone calls, "Look over here! There's an ant!"

I truly believe that ants are the Pied Piper of the insect kingdom. The children could have a praying mantis, ladybug, and I even seen them ignore elephants at the zoo because someone spotted ........ ANTS! Not to diminish their significance to the environment but come on! There are millions of them and you can see them anywhere :)

We read this lovely story called, Lift and Learn; In the Forest by Maurice Pledger and A.J. Wood. It's a lovely story featuring all the little creatures you'd expect to find if you were on a scavenger hunt.

After snack time, we checked our scavenger hunt list, grabbed our bug boxes and off we went. Grab your own copy of this awesome Scavenger Hunt from this website.

After all of this excitement and exercise, some of our little ones were anxious to see their mama's again so we called it a day and headed back to our meeting place.

We are so grateful to have spent the morning with the children and look forward to tomorrow's adventure with out second half of the class.

Thank you for a Marvelous Monday.

Ms. Rowena.

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