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This week we have been exploring the animals we find in our Gardens, specifically moles, crows, rabbits, toads and bees.

Our STEAM projects included making mole mazes, crows nests, measuring bunny jumps, making a toad pond and designing a beehive.

Following our Play Based Inspired Approach, we provided the children with the supplies and see where it takes us.

We have loved using this month's sight words with our Monthly Reader, "What do you Like?" and working on our Concept Journals.

Each day, one of our Little People have continued to help with the care and maintenance of our garden. We are now dissecting some of the flowers from our garden to learn about the intricate parts of flowers, stems, leaves and roots. We are learning how to use magnifying glasses and microscopes properly.

Every morning we practice our scissor skills by trimming the grass. We've found this is far more beneficial for the children than traditional cutting practice. It's also providing the children with an added mindfulness moment during the day.

We loved our Arts & Crafts. We painted with pretend earthworms, made symmetrical sunflowers, designed seed mosaics, and nature collages with materials we found lying on the ground at our local park.

The children loved our reader, memory card game, block spatial design cards, sorting garden rabbits by color and shape, making math stories using the rabbits, playing earthworm boardgames and measuring block worms.

Our music and dance activities are providing lots of great chances for body breaks. The children are working on heavy movement with the air track and memory recall with obstacle courses. Coach is very happy with the children's progress.

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