Garden Veggies - Carrots

A super day learning about one of favorite veggies …… carrots.

Our day started with a discussion about all the veggies we could see on our new domino cards. The PPI Little People know them all so well because we discuss our food daily during our snack and lunch times.

Did you know our lunch supplier does not use any gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs or shellfish? The big 5 allergens are avoided to make sure our children stay healthy and strong. Rice noodles, tofu, soy, fish, and rice are common ingredients in our daily lunches. And the children LOVE it!

We learnt how to play Dominoes and tried our best to complete the game. We worked as a team initially and then played small group games. The children will continue this during next week.

Health and PE Class

Today we focused on cooperation and listening skills. We worked together rolling tennis balls back and forth. We worked on balance and forward somersaults. Coach introduced back rolls today. The children have done it before but it was quite some time ago so review is needed.

Creative Craft Time - with a focus on fine motor lacing. The children loved this activity and only needed a few small course corrections. They are using skills they‘ve learnt in drawing class to add features to their faces for expression. Scissor control was great. We added a stop line to help the children work on spatial awareness and control. The children enjoyed making their carrots.

Our student remembered and loved the story, Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds. If you’d like to see an animated version, click here. The opening sound is a little scary so parents are advised to check first.

After Lunch, the children were able to work on their phonics and literacy programs.

It was a great day. We hope everyone has a lovely, safe and DRY weekend.

🌈 Ms. R ❤️

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