Hello, Mr Crow!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Let's Start our Day!

We start each day with unpacking, hygiene time and providing ourselves and our plants with their brain food. Each day, one of our PPI Little People water our garden and check the condition of our flower friends.

Physical Education & Outdoor Classroom

Then we head to the park for PE and Outdoor Classroom Time. Today's outdoor classroom time included checking Gross Motor Development for our End of Semester Progress Reports.

Gross Motor development includes checking body movements such as skipping, jumping, galloping, walking gait, coordination, ball skills and more.

Mindfulness & Relaxation

As the children came back to school tired and hot, we spent a few minutes cooling down with ice packs and mindful moments.

We practiced our belly breathing, 5 finger breathing techniques and grass cutting.

The grass cutting has been great for the children to zen out for a short time while they care for and maintain their own little patch of grass.

Crow Tools focusing on Technology

Have you ever seen a crow do something amazing. They are incredibly smart, noisy, black birds. They will eat almost anything and especially love getting into our neighbour's garbage and making a huge mess. They will pick up tools like twigs to use to help them find food.

Today we are using tools one handed like a crow would have to, to try and collect rabbits. Children are given or roll a number and we need to catch that many rabbits for Mr. Crow's dinner.

Build a Scarecrow Game focusing on Spatial Awareness.

For this activity, we talked about the origins of the word, Scarecrow. We talked about why a scarecrow might work to keep animals away. We played a game where the children were given a card and needed to reconstruct the same the design by observing special details of their sample. After we had played with this for a while, the children enjoyed designing their own scarecrow sequence.

Feed the Crow focusing on Number Sense

The object of this activity is to feed the crow as much as we can before Mr. Scarecrow joins our game. When Mr. Scarecrow arrives the crow flies away and cannot eat anymore food.

It's a very suspenseful game for little ones so if the scarecrow was found, he was happy that he could get the leftover food. This prevented any anxiety at finding the scarecrow card.

Story Time: Scarecrow Stories that you might like to enjoy together.

Observations for Home:

🏠Keep an eye out on trash days for crows and talk about all the things the little one remembers about their crow lessons.

🏠Watch science videos on the difference between crows and ravens.

🏠Build a crows nest.

🏠Listen to read aloud books together.

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