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I'm in love with our latest school supply. For a few years now, I've been keeping a close eye on these crazy paint sticks that I would read about on teachers' blogs but I thought it must be all hype. I can now state with 100% confidence, these paint sticks have blown my mind and are awesome.

This year I finally had myself organized enough to actually check out the Amazon Prime Day deals and these little gems, Shuttle Paint Sticks, popped up as a suggestion.

Well ok, I'll take a look.

Well ok, I'll give them a go.

Well ok, I'll let's give them to the children to see their reaction.

Well ok, the children wanted to keep coloring long after it was time to pack up. They loved them. I loved parts of them but I definitely think these are a must for any home.

Let's look at the Pro's and Con's.


Reasonable Cost for the amount in the package.

Non Toxic

Smooth and Bright Coverage

Even young children do not need to use added pressure to get a lovely amount onto paper.

Dries so quickly.

No Mess and I mean NO Mess.


Could be mistaken with little ones for lipstick. (Packaging states its non-toxic.)

Some children had a little difficulty removing the cap. (Could also be seen as a good thing with smaller children.)

No Mess and I mean NO Mess. (Finger Painting and Sensory Input Opportunities lost but I can always plan other crafts to meet those needs.

Overall: For crafts where time is a factor or where you may have used a thick crayon, I definitely recommend these paint sticks. They are brilliant for those home made (awwwwww) cards for grandparents, pictures for teachers (hint hint) and their classmates.

Check out how easy the children used them and if you'd like to purchase your own set for home, you can check our Amazon Affiliate links below.

Disclaimer: We are independently sharing our thoughts on this product and are not a sponsor...YET! 😄

We earn a small commission from recommending products that we believe are worth your time, effort and money for your children through our Affiliate Program with Amazon.


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