Mama's Best Art Supply - Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils are wonderful for so many reasons. They are multipurpose and easy to travel with.

This is definitely an item that belongs in your restaurant or travel back of tricks.

All you need is a sketchbook, a set of watercolor pencils and a paintbrush. You might want to also add a spill proof paint pot but a recycled yoghurt cup works just as well.

How can these items help my child relax, focus and be engaged while out and about?

A blank page is an invitation to explore their imagination. It's a chance to draw cartoon characters or pizza-people or rainbow and unicorns. The options are endless. If you feel that your drawing skills need help, add a video (shhhhh quietly so as to not disturb your fellow diners or use headphones for this part) from Art for Kids Hub. Love this site and it's very child friendly.



Bone Conducting Headphones available for children via our Affiliate Amazon Site.

Bone Conducting Earphones allow the children to still have ears open for safety and parent requests or instructions.

This set is NOT bluetooth and comes in a variety of 3 designs.

Price is reasonable.

This set is much more expensive but is bluetooth.

Both sets are designed for children.

Parents should take due diligence to choose a product that is correct for their child.

Overall: Watercolor pencils are great for the children. They love seeing their pencil marks turn into water paint and blend with other colors. We loved this for our "Go To" Outing Survival Kit aka Kids Backpack.


Disclaimer: We are independently sharing our thoughts on this product and are not a sponsor...YET! 😄

We earn a small commission from recommending products that we believe are worth your time, effort and money for your children through our Affiliate Program with Amazon.

Parents should use due diligence to check each product for safety and suitability.


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