Mr. Bumblebee Visits Our Garden

As rainy season continues to keep our local park wet and the park equipment too dangerous to play on, we stay indoors and find creative ways to keep our Little People active and learning through purposeful play.

Today our focus is on Bees. 🐝 We discussed our impressions of the painting by Pal Szinyei Merse. We talked about line and movement elements in art We wondered how many bees might be found in this field and then we got into the serious business of making our own version of this painting.

Little Artists @ PPI

While some children worked on art projects, others worked on alphabet recognition an’s spatial awareness.

🐝 Next we moved into our PE class. Coach wants to maximize the time he has with as much sensory input as possible. On days like today, the air track is worth it’s size in gold.

It was a great day with lots of activity and socialization.

To learn more about bees, check ⬇️

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