Nice to see you Ms. Rabbit.

Today, our class focus is Rabbit. We learnt that rabbits can jump as high as 4 feet and that their large ears help them sense danger.

We started our day with game play. The children are able to choose activities that we have started but that they want to explore and play with more.

Small Group Activities

Activities include;

Math Addition and Fine Motor Skills

Spatial Matching

Memory Matching

Logic Reasoning

Alphabet Knowledge



Physical Education Skills

Coach W is encouraging the PPI Little People to exit their front tumble without using their hands. If you are able to practice at home, please continue to do so.

Some Pics from PE Class

Ball Play

Balance Skills

Jumping Practice

Tumbling Skill

Science Time

Today we found aphids on our sunflowers and used our microscopes and magnifying glasses to examine them closely. We also dissected one of our sunflowers to check its anatomical design. The children loves exploring the natural objects.

Group Work - Rabbit Masks.

The children loved making their versions of cute little bunnies with their large, big ears.

After Lunch, older children worked on Math and Language Arts assignments while our Younger Group napped. Finally, the last action of our day was to use our straw and connectors to design shapes.

Thank you for a lovely day of learning.

Ms. R

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