Satoyama Nature Reserve

So lovely to spend another great morning outdoors and in the fresh, open spaces of Satoyama Nature Reserve.

Today we spent time just being under the cool trees and reading stories, eating healthy snacks and drinking lots of water to keep us all hydrated, trekked a short course and finally played some games with Coach Waka.

This is our second day back after being online for the last 3 months. The children are all very accepting of wearing masks and know that we take our masks off for eating, drinking and PE only (unless 2 and under group - masks are not recommended by Japanese Medical Society).

For us, as educators and carers, we are extremely concerned at this time of the children overheating and suffering from heat stroke as well as CV-19. We stopped many, many times to rehydrate and offer cooling down opportunities, which meant we also didn't venture too far from the toilets and our original starting point.

Here is a little video of some of the fun that we had today. Please enjoy.

We read three books chosen by the children today.

The children all loved their bug boxes and added items that would not miss their natural habitat such as acorns and pinecones. The children should bring their bug boxes to school ready for our next adventure. This Scavenger Hunt worksheet was not the one we used but this one probably has more creatures and items to find easily for our younger students.

The one thing that all the children were excited about was blowing the Dandelion PUFFS. It was a little difficult to make sure the children were not blowing into each others directed but they did very well with their listening ears and tried their best. Here is a little video showing the lifecycle of a dandelion for the children.

Now it's time to get back to school and finish up our unit of study on BUGS and CRAWLY THINGS. It's been so much fun.

Good night.

Ms. Rowena.

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