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Week 11 - Garden Treasures 🪴

Today the children focused on garden visitors. Some are helpful to farmers and gardeners while others cause harm to gardens and crops. We studied moles, crows, rabbits, bees and toads.

We learnt;

🪴moles make tunnels that help water go deep into the soil making way for water to get to deep roots but they are considered pests for farmers.

🪴crows will eat nearly anything and they will make a next out of anything they find and do not like scarecrows.

🪴rabbits can jump as high as 1 yard. They are also considered a pest to farmers.

🪴bees pollinate flowers and vegetables helping farmers to grow healthy crops.

🪴toads are dry, have short legs and hop in short distances whereas frogs are wet, have long legs and jump long distances.


Reader: The children practiced reading this month's reader: What Do You Like?

The reader builds confidence in reading by offering repetitive text and visual clues.

We enjoy recording our reading and listening back. It's a great tool to help with pronunciation.


Memory Recall Skills and Mathematics (Probability & Chance) : We loved playing our memory game. We are learning skills to improve our memory recall and strategies to play rather than just guessing where the answers may lie. We also played "Feed the Crow". This game is a probability game of chance. We choose cards to feed to the crow until the Scarecrow surfaces to scare away the crow. We discuss how many times did the crow get to eat before he had to fly away.


Alphabet Knowledge, Vocabulary, Fine Motor & Gross Motor - Stamping and PE Obstacle Course :

The Children LOVED this activity. Studies have shown movement helps children learn. We are big fans of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory at PPI and we try to incorporate as much movement into our classes as possible. Brain and Body Breaks are a regular occurrence. Ball Chairs and Bouncy Bands help children regulate and focus on their tasks.


STEAM Challenge: How High Can a Rabbit Jump?

We learnt that a rabbit can jump 1 yard (91.44cm). Our challenge was to represent that height using blocks or cups. The children tried and tested a variety of ways to meet this challenge. They also had the added wind condition caused by the air-conditioning to factor into their designs.


Art Study & Literacy Program: Pál Szinyei Merse created a lovely piece of art called, Poppies in the Field. We used this as inspiration for our Bee Art. We used art elements, line and movement with Chalk to blend and create our designs. While some children worked on their art projects, others worked on their individual literacy programs.


A great day was had by all the children. We love that they all bring creativity, caring and kindness into our classroom.

See you next week for our Final Week of Term 1 and our last week of Garden Treasures.

🌈 Ms. R


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