Saturday School News! - Wk 12

Week 12 - Garden Treasures 🪴 Favorite Veggies

Today is our last day of Term 1, so we had evaluation activities on our gross motor, fine motor skills and basic concepts improvement.

We practiced;

🪴 jumping, skipping, tumbling.


🪴shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, oval, parallelogram, trapezoid, pentagon, octagon)

🪴sorting (color suction cups)

🪴free design


Craft & Name Writing Practice: The children enjoyed discussing their favorite vegetables. It's really nice to see how many children love their veggies. We made a pea pod to celebrate friends being together, just like peas in a pea pod. The children practiced name writing, then constructing their craft. It was a simple activity but one that used their fine motor skills.


Creativity : While one child worked one on one with Ms. R, the other children enjoyed socializing in free play with our Potato Heads. There were some great creations made and lots of laughter and commenting about each others designs.

Math Challenge - The children were able to use the Hexacus and People Counters to practice their number sense skills. Only one child counted the correct number of counters the first time round. This is due to children losing concentration or being distracted by movement around them. In grown up life, we also do this which is why we often count money more than once.


Reading: Unicorn Poop 🦄

We had new books arrive during the week and the children were drawn to their bright colors and rainbows. They chose the book, Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop. It's a story about a unicorn that brings color to the world but feels that people don't appreciate the unicorn. It's a story about being kind and saying, thank you. (Even though it's about poop.)

After this, the older students worked on their literacy programs while the younger students enjoyed flipping through picture books and making designs with our rainbow pebbles.


Literacy Program: The children are very used to the system we have set up at school. They are all working well on their programs and their progress report shows steady improvement with their reading skills. This is wonderful for a balanced progress of learning language. We have sent home summer worksheets to be completed over the break if parents want their children to continue at a steady pace.


A great day was had by all the children. We love the individuality and uniqueness of each of them.

See you during Summer School.

🌈 Ms. R


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