Sensory Calm Down / Brain Break Ideas - For School or Home

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

When adults are angry, frustrated, sad, or experiencing big emotions, we have ways of coping that we have learnt through experience. In my own case, I talk with friends, do some online shopping or go for a drive to the ocean or river. However, often little ones have trouble understanding their big emotions and even more difficulty controlling them.

At school, we can quite often sense when the children are having trouble regulating their emotions. A great option that can be incorporated at school as well as at home, is to have a calm down space or basket.

A great easy read article about Calm Down Corners can be found here.

Remember a Calm Down Corner is meant to be a safe space for your child or classroom students to relax and get control of their emotions and thoughts.

It is NOT a place to put a child for punishment or Consequence.

You might want to try using the phrase, "Would the Calm Down Basket help you right now?"

Many of these items work to help your child gain a sense of stability and even help improve focus and concentration leading to improved class performance.

Check out some items that you might include in your Calm Down Basket or Zone via our Amazon Affiliate links.

Keep in mind though that you do not need to go out and buy special items for your calm down / brain break basket. You can just collect things from home that bring your child comfort and put them in one spot. Pencils and Paper for drawing their problems, Origami Paper for tearing or folding, Timers from Boardgames, Dice, Keys and Locks are among some things that provide children with distraction and time to calm down. Some children like music, however, in a classroom setting, instruments may be a distraction. You can find lots of items from the Dollar Store (Daiso - ¥100 Store) that would add peace of mind for your child.

We've collected visual of all items that might be good additions for your child or students.

Calming Goods

DIY Items

You can also make items that will help your little one. Homemade Body Socks or Body Tunnels and Weighted Blankets are always helpful to provide way for your child to regulate.

Heavy Movement & Gross Motor Play

Oral Sensory Goods & School Aids

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We earn a small commission from recommending products that we believe are worth your time, effort and money for your children through our Affiliate Program with Amazon.


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