Summer Colds and School

It’s that time of year when the cool from inside and the heat from outside result in some Colds, Runny Noses, Coughs and Congestion.

Normally it wouldn’t cause much concern but in CV-19 times, it means school absence as precaution, in accordance with Nagoya City Regulations.

We’ve compiled some tips that we’ve found really help getting through summer without the summer cold.

Some tips to avoid the summer sniffles.

☀️Clean your air-conditioner filters regularly.

☀️Avoid sleeping in the direct flow of the air-conditioned air.

☀️Add fans to direct airflow.

☀️Sleep in PJ’s if using aircon 24/7

☀️Use humidifier to keep moisture in the room. Or

☀️Use dehumidifier with air cleaner depending on your room condition.

☀️Always have a light jacket handy if rooms get too chilly.

☀️Increase Vitamin C intake through yummy fruits and healthy juices.

☀️After sweaty play at parks or on outings, change wet clothes, especially cotton items.

We hope some of these tips help you stay cool but not “cough, cough” cold.

IF your child does catch a cold and is not able to attend school, please check the Stanford Children's Health Website for information and treatment suggestions. At the bottom on our post, we added Japanese OTC Medicine that might help you. Note: Always consult with medical personal for professional advice.


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Perfect for use at school and home, especially during the summer months.

A cap or other sun protection is absolutely fine as well for soccer. Keep in mind the children get very hot and sweaty. The needs to be able to offer protection and breathe as well.


Link - Drink Bottles - Great Quality.

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*Set of 4 for the whole family. These are awesome to help cool down.

Parent Hack: Wet face clothes, squeeze excess water, fold and put into ziplock. Seal the bag and freeze. Perfect for hot soccer days.


For our parents who are interested in over-the-counter medicines in Japan, this brand is called Paburon. It has a selection of cough and cold medicine for children at different ages. Please check the ages and doses carefully.

Copy パブロン キッズ and past to the Amazon Search Engine.



Parents are advised against self medicating your child in any cases that could be life threatening. A visit to your local pediatric doctor would ensure your child get the correct treatment and medication.

We are independently sharing our thoughts on this product and are not a sponsor...YET! 😄

We earn a small commission from recommending products that we believe are worth your time, effort and money for your children through our Affiliate Program with Amazon.


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