Summer School Books!

We are so excited to be offering Summer School in 2020. 6 Weeks of fun and learning all about pirates, mermaids, islands, volcanoes, water transport and ocean animals. It's going to be fresh and fun with friends and family too.

We will regularly update our blog posts so you can see all the wonderful things coming your way AND for summer school, we will also be uploading lesson information and photo images of the children's activities throughout the day.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the books we will be reading as part of our program. There is a large variety here as we will have a number of groups at different ages.

Please note: all amazon links are affiliate links which means that if you do choose to purchase one that your child particularly enjoyed, we earn a very small commission which goes to ordering even more books for our school library.

Super Excited!

Ms. R

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