Summer School News! - Day 2 (7/27/21)

Day 2 - Homes & Habitats 🏡 Living Room

Welcome to the 2nd Day of Summer School. It was a busy day. Our Theme for Summer School is Homes & Habitats with a focus on STEAM Engineering.

We practiced;

🏡 memory retention, balancing, rolling, bowling, bouncing, jumping, & tumbling.

We discussed;

🏡 rooms & items in our house & where they belong.

We made;

🏡 living room design focusing on colors.

We painted;

🏡 a cardboard house.

We played;

🏡 free play (color suction cups, doll house, furniture shopping).

We ate;

🏡 Snack & School Lunch

We used our fine motor skills;

🏡 painting, cutting & coloring.

We read;

🏡 A House is a House for Me


Video - Day 2

The children loved buying furniture for their apartments which we later added together to make a large living complex. We read the story, A House is a House for Me. We used the air track to make our own pretend house just like in the book. The children loved moving through the tunnel at any time that they needed to move their little bodies. They loved PE with coach and it's always great to start our day with physical exercise to stimulate our brain functions. The children requested painting time today so they got to use the tempera sticks. For some of the children it was the first time to paint with this medium. It's great. There is no paint mess to worry about at all. The children were also really keen to color items for their living room designs. They loved talking about furniture and where it needed to go.

Another great day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Bye-Bye Butterfly. (Bye 👋🏻)

🌈 Ms. R


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Setting up a wonderful creative corner for your little one is a great space for them to reflect, express and be creative. Quality products brings them back to do more.

Doll Houses are so expensive. Children are quite happy with an cardboard box and the furniture to fill it. All the children, no matter their age or sex, enjoy playing with the dollhouse. We will add links for dolls that children are drawn to in a following post.

At PPI, we look at every toy we purchase as a learning adventure and investment. A quality dollhouse will be played with for years. As your family grows so too, can your dollhouse play equipment. Great stocking stuffers. (Too soon? 😁)

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