Summer School News! - Day 3 (7/28/21)

Day 3 - Homes & Habitats 🏡 Kitchen & Savings

Welcome to the 3rd Day of Summer School. It was a busy day. Our Theme for Summer School is Homes & Habitats with a focus on STEAM Engineering.

We practiced;

🏡 memory retention, balancing, rolling, bowling, bouncing, throwing & handstands.

We discussed;

🏡 rooms & items in our house & where they belong, SAVINGS.

We made and used fine motor skills;

🏡 piggybank with pretend coins (dot stickers).

We relaxed;

🏡 in our cardboard house with free choice of reading material.

We played;

🏡 free play ( doll house, furniture shopping).

We ate;

🏡 Snack & School Lunch

We played cognitive games;

🏡 Where does it live? / Alphabet Matching

We explored sensory items;

🏡 Squeeze Ball, Peas in a Pod, Bubble Boards.


Video - Day 3

What an awesome day. I'm so proud of the children's effort and perseverance in trying to complete a handstand. We will continue to work on this skill tomorrow.

We talked about savings today. The children needed to complete tasks to earn their shopping money for doll furniture. It's such an important topic for children that often gets overlooked but please do read the section below and the book I recommend to teach about money management.

We used our house today as a quiet spot to read books. We played cognitive games and played with sensory toys. They were a huge hit.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow but sad too as our first week will be over.

Take Care, Polar Bear. (Bye 👋🏻)

🌈 Ms. R


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It's never too early to start teaching you little ones the importance of saving and money management. In today's world, a lot of children are growing up with instant gratification instead of learning the money needs to be earned and spent wisely. Today we started a discussion about having to work for money to buying things we wanted but that sometimes we need to save to buy bigger items and that means not buying the smaller items in the meantime. You can continue the conversations at home by doing crafts, talking about ways to make money and talk about a savings plan. Include your child on your shopping trips and talk about marketing and how people try to get you to buy their products. Below is a book that I highly recommend.

Ideas to incorporate arts and crafts into your money management teaching.

For Fun - Not sure on the quality though - may be throwing money away???

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