Summer School News! - Day 4 (7/29/21)

Day 4 - Homes & Habitats 🏡 Bathroom & Water Sense

Welcome to the 4th and last day of Summer School Week 1. Our Theme for Summer School is Homes & Habitats with a focus on STEAM Engineering. Week 2, we focus on type of housing and how they are built.

We practiced;

🏡 balancing, rolling, jumping, hurdles, throwing & handstands.

We discussed;

🏡 homes, rooms & floor plans & how to have clean hands and save water. (Use a timer)

We made and used fine motor skills;

🏡 Save Water Poster

We constructed;

🏡 floor plans using bristle bricks

We played;

🏡 free play (duplo blocks, sensory toys).

We ate;

🏡 Snack & School Lunch

We explored sensory items;

🏡 Squeeze Ball, Peas in a Pod, Bubble Boards.


Video - Day 4

The children showed amazing understanding and creativity in showing their home's floor plan. Some showed their building floor plan and others showed their home floor plan and some made ice-creams.

LOL. We were really happy with the children clearly expressing the areas of their houses and the correct names for each living space and the items within it.

We are working on our handstands with Coach. For the next step we need to keep our focus on the floor between our hands, keep our arms and legs straight and stretching.

As our first week of Summer School ends, we want to wish everyone a safe and sunny long weekend.

Out the Door, Dinosaur. (Bye 👋🏻)

🌈 Ms. R


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Timers come in handy for all types of home management. For brushing teeth, washing hands, IT time, teaching time concept and more.

Building Toys are great for children creativity, dexterity and concentration.

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