Summer School News! - Wk 2 Day 1 (8/2/21)

Wk 2 Day 1 - Homes & Habitats 🏡 Homes

Welcome to the 1st day of Summer School Week 2. Our Theme for Summer School is Homes & Habitats with a focus on STEAM Engineering. Week 2, we focus on type of housing and how they are built. Today we looked at homes and what makes them different from apartments.

We practiced;

🏡 balancing, rolling, jumping, hurdles, throwing & tumbling.

We discussed;

🏡 places where people live.

We made and used fine motor skills;

🏡 Lacing House

We constructed;

🏡 homes using bristle bricks & duplo blocks,.

We played;

🏡 free play (puzzles, sensory toys).

We ate;

🏡 Snack & School Lunch

We explored sensory items;

🏡 Squeeze Ball, Peas in a Pod, Bubble Boards.


Video - Wk 2 Day 1

Fantastic Day but I think everyone is going to be a little tired tonight. The children loved painting their houses. Any activity where the paint sticks are involved, there is lots of creativity and color exploration and imagination.

We started as usual with a lesson with Coach W. Tomorrow we will break into smaller groups so each group can challenge different activities. While one group is doing PE, the other will be doing arts and crafts and snack.

The children loved the open ended activities that make up our morning of activities. We used bristle blocks, megablocks and sensory toys during transitions.

Our obstacle course at the end of class is to keep the little ones awake and the older students active. By 13:00, everyone was tired 😀, including Ms R and Ms M. 🤣 🤣

Tomorrow, we talk about apartments and building floors. Our STEAM challenge will be to see how tall our tallest tower will be.

REGULAR PPI Parents; you only need to input temperature information into the KD App.

See you Later, Alligator. (Bye 👋🏻)

🌈 Ms. R


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