Summer School News! - Wk 2 Day 2 (8/3/21)

Wk 2 Day 2 - Homes & Habitats 🏡 Apartments

Welcome to the 1st day of Summer School Week 2. Our Theme for Summer School is Homes & Habitats with a focus on STEAM Engineering. Week 2, we focus on type of housing and how they are built. Today we looked at homes and what makes them different from apartments.

We practiced;

🏡 balancing, rolling, jumping, hurdles, throwing & tumbling.

We discussed;

🏡 places where people live.

We made and used fine motor skills;

🏡 Elevator Shaft in a building using Cutting & Glueing.

We constructed;

🏡 towers using cardboard & foam blocks.

We played;

🏡 free play (puzzles, coloring, sensory toys).

We ate;

🏡 Snack & School Lunch

We explored sensory items;

🏡 Squeeze Ball, Peas in a Pod, Bubble Boards.


Video - Wk 2 Day 2

The children had a great day making apartment buildings. The loved making the elevator shaft and decorating with stickers. Older children practiced cutting and glueing.

I forgot to list today's story time as one of the favorite activites. The book, If I Built a House, is brilliant.

The children enjoyed lunch. Today's favorite lunch food was Carrot Mochi. We've added a recipe link. The children's meals were cut into bite size pieces for safety.

Today's groups for PE were very effective. The children LOVE the air track activities most of all.

Our STEAM challenge to see how tall our tallest tower will be was lots of fun and a little frustrating for some. The older children enjoyed making super tall towers and the little ones enjoyed kicking them over.

Overall, a nice, busy day.

In a while, crocodile. (Bye 👋🏻)

🌈 Ms. R


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All the children LOVED this book. Totally recommend for your home library.

Building Toys are great for children creativity, dexterity and concentration. These blocks are available at local retailers.

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