Toads in our Garden

We had such a heavy downpour today that it made staying inside and working on crafts, playing games and visiting with the toddler room a pleasant way to spend the day.

We enjoyed learning the differences between frogs and toads today.

Generally ......

🐸 frogs are wet and toads are dry,

🐸 frogs need water to survive but toads do not,

🐸 frogs are smooth and toads are bumpy,

🐸 frogs have long legs and can jump long distances but toads have short legs and jump short distances.

We worked on our Social Relationships and Patterning with our game, Animals in the Garden.

The children enjoyed taking turns and reaching their goal of landing all animals in the Garden as they ate all the healthy, delicious vegetables along the way.

The children also wanted to finish a math measuring activity from the day before. Yesterday we learnt how high rabbits jump. Today the children made yard sticks with blocks and other tools and measured items around the classroom to see if they could find other items that were the same length.

Our Main Activity for today was our craft project, PET TOAD. For this activity, the children are given a recyclable bowl, markers, pom poms, wiggle eyes, split peas and card stock. The children loved this activity.

After lunch, our little ones napped while our older students worked on assignments, puzzles and geoboards.

Tomorrow our theme is Bees.

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