Playpourri Infant Toddler Program provides educational services and family support for children, 2 months to three years of age.



The preschool program is offered 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week with a choice of 3 session times:  9:00-11:00/9:00-13:00 or 9:00-15:00 with the additional choice of joining our extended learning programs.   Please note that Friday's are a 1/2 day and the children are released at 13:00.


We offer our preschool program for children ages 3-5.  Please send us an email if you are interested in this option.  

Class Size

Gov. Req

0-1 Yrs 

3 Children



1-2 Yrs 

6 Children



3-4 Yrs 

6 Children



4-6 Yrs 

10 Children







Morning Pre






Preschool PLUS



Enrichment Programs


Snack & Lunch

All children bring a small container of prepared fruit or vegetables; washed, cut into bit size pieces for our group to share.   We use this as a community gathering where we practice manners, healthy eating habits, feeding skills and more. 

School lunch is provided by a Lunch Service Company daily.  For more details about this, please send an email to the friendly PPI staff.  


We believe in getting messy, both indoors and out, so to keep washing to a minimum for parents, we have a simple uniform of a T.Shirt and Backpack.  We encourage parents to team this shirt with either navy blue, black or grey elasticised pants from Uniqlo.  

Developmental Health & Wellness Checks

As per our government requirements, we are required to make sure that the children have at least 2 developmental health checks per year.  Usually this is organized by parents, however, we understand that it is difficult for our expat families to arrange this, so PPI has taken the worry and stress of the checks out of your hands.  Our local, English speaking Pediatrician visits PPI twice a year to give health check ups.  If there is any concern, parents will be asked to do further evaluations and seek early intervention help.  

School Shuttle

PPi offers a FREE Shuttle service to children in our PPI+ Course ONLY. 


PPI School policy is that the shuttles are cancelled when the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a yellow advisory or red warning.  

The Japan Meteorological Agency is the government site that schools follow for warnings, advisories and school cancellations.  Sometimes the site isn't updated as fast as we'd like.  Sometimes our area will look fine but other areas of Nagoya are not.   Our shuttles travel all over the city so while one area may be fine, the other may be having torrential rain.  We just never know and that is an unacceptable risk for our drivers and students, so we follow the guidance of that official website. 


After all, we all want our children, students and teachers to arrive to and from school without harm, in a safe manner, on time and under the best conditions.  In warning weather, the best person for that is our student's parent or guardian.  

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