Family Flexibility

Morning Pre


Morning Pre is a perfect course for families who are looking for a morning on socialization and play.   Parents can choose between 1 to 5 days per week. 

Morning Healthy Snack is included in our Morning Pre Schedule. 



Our Preschool Course is a good fit for children who are developing an inquisitve nature to schooling and for parents wanting to broaden their child's social parameters.  Morning Healthy Snack and School Lunch are included in our Preschool Schedule.

Pre + Kinder/Elementary


Younger Children in our Pre + Course get all the benefits of our Preschool Course as well as a relaxing nap time listening to advanced brain technique soothing lullaby and finish their school day playing with their friends.  

Older Students in K1, K2, K3 and Elementary Grades will also work on Core Subject Projects throughout the day using a variety of techniques and strategies.  

Parents can mix and match courses to suit their family schedules upon entering our school community.  Kinder & Elementary Courses, however, require Monday - Friday attendance.  

Friday School Release Time is 13:00.

Morning and Afternoon Experience Club

This service is open from

7:00-9:00am and 15:00-19:00.

It is perfect for families who need care outside of our regular programs.  Request for Enrichment Club is booked in advance and invoiced monthly.  

Academic Enrichment Activities

A variety of sports, art and language classes taught in English for members of Playpourri and our Local Community.  Each course is offered by Term giving parents flexibility to plan within their family schedule.  

Lending Library Club

Currently Not Available Due to CV-19 Precautions.  

Playpourri Families and the Local Community are welcome to access our extensive children's library for personal use only.  Our library is open once a month, either a Saturday or Sunday.  

Book returns are easy.  Families may either return in person, use our Parcel Post Box or return by mail.  

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