Saturday School


Morning Saturday School is a 3 Hour Morning Class for our Preschool or Elementary students who now go to Japanese Yochien or Elementary school but who want to keep improving their English through PLAY and study.   

Afternoon Saturday School is a 3 Hours Afternoon Class for our advanced students who are able to read and write with ease.  


We offer our Saturday School programs for children ages 2-16.   

Snack & Lunch

No Lunch or Snack is provided during this time.  Please make sure your child has a good nutricious breakfast that will keep them sustained.  Drink bottles are welcome and we encourage the children to stay hydrated.  


We believe in getting messy, both indoors and out, so to keep washing to a minimum for parents, we have a simple uniform of a T.Shirt and Backpack.  We encourage parents to team this shirt with either navy blue, black or grey elasticised pants from Uniqlo.  

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